Kevätmallisto SS24 Lovers in the Night

Spring Collection SS24 Lovers in the night

Uhana’s spring collection Lovers in the Night draws you to an adventure. Takes us on shimmering summer evenings and secret cruise on bikes. Sandals on your lap and skirts fluttering carelessly.

It wanders through orchards to hot alleys, leads you to silky beaches where you’ll make new friends and get sand on your hair. Lures you to the humorous nights, where the whistle of the departure train melts into the pink sea with the sun. Fades into farewells whose edges will burn in your heart forever.

Inspired by sensual cuts and intense colors, the SS24 collection combines striking prints with luxurious fabrics: airy viscose blends, crisp cottons, brilliant sheens, smooth merino and fluffy mohair.

The layered ensemble is made up of artful details and sensually descending lines, while the collection also features a number of two-piece sets, which can be combined in a variety of ways for different outfits. Spring at Uhana is all about casual elegance and captivating eye-catchers.