Sweetpea Earrings Grand, Gold


This piece of jewellery is like the hem of a skirt playing in the wind or the petals of a flower curled to embrace each other. A disappearing moment frozen in time, its outlines drawn in golden strokes.
Each Sweetpea jewellery is a unique sculpture born in the hands of Munkaa Design in Helsinki. The jewellery comes in three shapes, a necklace and two different sized earrings.

Sweetpea earrings are made from gold plated sterling silver from Poland and ceramics from Finland. Earrings are made in Finland. Sweetpea Grand Earrings are 6 cm long.
More detailed sizes and the directional flat picture can be found in the picture selection.

The earrings are packed in 8,6 cm x 8,6 cm white cardboard box with golden Uhana logo.

Avoid exposure to chemicals and hairspray. If necessary, you can wipe the ceramics with a damp cloth or towel. Clean the silver and metal parts with cleaning cloths sold in jewellery shops.

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