Drop earrings, Pink Poppy


This jewellery was named after pink poppies. Poppy is the flower of magic, beauty and imagination. They represent recovery and restful sleep.

The colors of Pink Poppy are black-saffron-powderpink. You can choose from two lengths, short (ca. 9,5 cm) and long (ca. 11,5 cm).

The material of the earrings is 3 mm thick plywood. The plywood used for the earrings comes from Lohja and it is then cut to form and printed in Helsinki. The earrings are assembled in Tampere.

The earring hooks are sterling silver, chains and hoops are made of nickel free metal. There are also silicone stoppers on the hooks.

The earrings are packed in 15,8cm x 10,8cm black cardboard box with golden Uhana Design logo.

Recommendation for removing stains from wooden parts is to rub with a clean eraser.