Uhana Amulet, Silver


Share your story, feelings and goals. Dare to recognize yours and find the relatable or missing pieces.

Uhana Amulets are an interpretation of the elements of the world; earth, air, water and fire. The amulets are part of the Everyday series and can be combined with the necklaces or bracelets. Sold individually and as a complete set together with a necklace or a bracelet.

The green color tells about the country; of strength, grounding, sensuality and abundance.
The yellow color represents air; freedom, communication, mind, ideation and joy.
The blue color dives into the water; to intuition, empathy, change, flexibility and healing.
The red color ignites the fire; passion, courage, vitality, will and motivation.

A glass pearl with a silver clasp to attach the pearl to the chain. Size with the clasp is 2,2 cm and amulet weights 1,8 g. More detailed size and directional flat picture and be found in the picture selection. The amulet is packed in a 8,6 cm x 8,6 cm white cardboard box.

Hand made glass pearl from Finland and sterling silver from Poland. The amulets are assembled in Finland.

Avoid exposure to chemicals and hairspray. Clean the metal parts with cleaning cloths sold in jewellery shops.

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