In addition to playful spirit you can easily relate to, environmental and societal responsibility is essential to Uhana. Transparency in everything guarantees that supply chain can be traced to the very beginning.

From the beginning, the strong values ​​that guide Uhana have been joy and fun, creating positive influence and doing meaningful work. In addition, we want to be the best possible employer and a responsible and courageous social player. This is done above all close to our customers and through bringing in a good mood.

We work on our sustainability planning with a growing understanding and a forward-looking approach. The further we go, the more we understand our shortcomings and how much work still needs to be done. The world is not ready, and neither are we. However, we want to take big, far-reaching goals that moving towards them one step at a time. The 2020 Sustainability Report compiles our current situation and is the basis for our work for years to come.

SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2020 (Only in Finnish)

In addition, you can find here the supplier questionnaire, which served as the basis for the report:
SUPPLIER QUESTIONNAIRE 2020 (English version)

You can find more detailed information on our manufacturers from our sustainability report, but we’ve also made available a factory listing aligned with The Trancparency Pledge guidlines: