Care instructions

Materials and care instructions

We love beautiful fabrics which are pleasant and soft on the skin and turn clothes into little luxuries. We hope these care instructions will help you take care of your favourite clothes, and that they will last for years to come. If you have any questions about how to take care of your product, don’t hesitate to contact us.

For wool, silk and other delicate materials, choose a gentle, non-bio and bleach-free detergent. Silk or wool clothes should not be soaked in water for too long. Before washing, we recommend closing zips and buttons, tying laces and checking that pockets are empty. Clothes made of natural fibres should be dried indoors and away from sunlight, which may fade colours.

Merino wool | Wool naturally resists dirt and bacteria, so it’s usually enough just to air woollens out. When airing out isn’t enough, woollens should be handwashed or machine washed gently at 30 degrees with mild soap or detergent. To dry, gently wring out excess water and dry flat. As a soft material, wool has a tendency to pill, which means fuzzy balls may form on the surface of wool clothing. Pills can be easily removed by hand, with a fabric comb, or a battery-operated fabric shaver. We recommend storing woollens folded and out of the reach of wool-hungry insects and moths.

Silk-cotton and silk | Their heat transfer abilities make these luxuriously soft and breathable materials cool in the summer and warm in the winter. If your garment doesn’t have any stains or odours, it’s usually enough just to air it out. When your silk-cotton garment needs a wash, make sure it is turned inside-out and that you choose a delicate, 30°C programme. Iron inside-out at low iron heat when the fabric is still a little damp. For silk clothes, we recommend very delicate hand washing followed by line drying out of direct sunlight.

Triacetate mixtures | Triacetate (Soalon™) combines natural pulp with flexible material properties. Our fabrics are a mixture of triacetate and polyester and are made in Japan. The fabric is characterised by a silk-like lustre and touch. This fabric doesn’t crease and is easy to care for.
For Sleek products, we recommend a 40°C delicates wash programme and ironing at low heat.
For Waffle and Velvet products, we recommend a 30°C delicates wash programme at and ironing at low heat.

Cotton mixtures | Our college products should be washed inside out in 30 degrees (max. shrinkage 5%). Pants (98% cotton and 2% elastane) and 100% cotton products we recommend to be washed inside out in 40 degrees. Choose liquid detergent for coloured clothes.
Iron cotton clothes inside out at low heat if necessary.

Cupro | Cupro is a cellulose regenerated fiber. It is a silky-soft material and has a good resistance to static. We recommend washing cupro products inside out at 30 degrees gentle wash cycle (shrinkage max. 5%), one-point ironing. The fabric has a characteristic to slightly harden after wash. Ironing helps to soften the feel.
Ventilation is often enough, but please keep the garments in shade to avoid sun rays from fading the bright colors.

Jewellery | To keep your jewellery in your adventures for as long as possible, treat it gently. Avoid exposure to chemicals and hairspray. If necessary, you can wipe the birch plywood with a damp cloth or towel. Clean the silver and metal parts with cleaning cloths sold in jewellery shops.